[Replay] 7 Insider Secrets of Video Marketing (With the CEO of Wistia)


[Replay] 7 Insider Secrets of Video Marketing (With the CEO of Wistia)

Growing your audience faster, storytelling that informs your prospects, and moving your customers down the sales funnel -- these are just a few benefits of video marketing. In this episode, Chris Savage from Wistia joins us to chat about building an audience with video (starting from zero).We covered:The truth behind the rise of video and its true power in marketingWhat happens when you find the spot where customers get stuck in your funnelHow to create a compelling storyline that makes your audience problem-awareWhy you should turn to your best customers for help identifying your missionThe difference between what your product does and what your mission entailsGetting clear with your metrics up front when you\u0026rsquo;re building an audience with videoHow to use metrics to help leadership understand the risks that you're takingWhy you should pay attention to how media companies market their contentRessources:WistiaOne, Ten, One Hundred Series by WistiaProfitWellMasters of Doom by David KushnerGood to Great by Jim CollinsThe Score Takes Care of Itself by Bill WalshOgilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy@csavage on TwitterSavagethoughts.comWhy Marketing Storytelling Matters Now More Than Ever


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